Want to see your name in the stars?

Want to see your name in the stars? To be immortalised in the heavens like the aintciant gods? We give you just that!
We find your name in the stars. We search the heavens above you and find a perfect constellation, writing your name in the stars.
The process is simple. You give us your name and location and we will search the night sky above you and find you your very own constellation.

Using artificial intelligence We made a very sophistecated process quite simple. Our algorithms recieve a name, time and location. They map the stars visible from that time and location and search the skies till they find the best stars to write your name. We only take the best and brightest stars visible from the location given and use them for our algorithms.
All the stars in your constellation are real and known. When you receive your constellation, you will also receive with it the list of stars that build it and their universal name as found in astronomers databases.

It is simply the perfect gift.