A constellation for every occasion!


Birthday Constellation

It is our true believe and goal that each person will have a personal star constellation. We think it is the perfect testament that we all have our very special place under the stars. The birthday constellation will always accompany anyone shining with a specific constellations of stars – a private constellation unique for the birthday person – simply the best gift in the universe!

Wedding Gift Constellation

It was written in the stars that you were made for each other? Indeed it was! The extra perfect gift – no gift will compare to a personal star constellation given on the special day of wedding. A truly amazing gift for any couple is to receive their very own constellation made just for them on their wedding day.

Anniversary Constellation

Want to show that love is above all and eternal? Want that special meaningful anniversary gift – name a constellation at the anniversary date. What can be more eternal, full of light and significant then a personal constellation? A precious gift celebrating the special stars that shine just for you.

Christmas Constellation

Long and cosy winter nights are here, the house is decorated with lights and a star shines above the tree – it is the perfect time to see a family-name constellation made especially for the Christmas evening. A perfect gift to be shared by all. Waiting up for Santa is fun but seeing your name shine in a constellation across the sky is even better!

Valentine’s Day Constellation

Looking for that mind blowing gift for your valentine? Want your gift to shine extra bright and express how much you care? Get a personal star constellation for the one you love so much. What could be more romantic then cuddling together and seeing your personal constellation shining above? Heavenly romance provided by the stars. Show that you truly can give them the stars!

Mother’s Day Constellation

Need something amazing for mother’s day? A present that will always remind her that she means the world? Would anything be better than a personal constellation? Imagine her admiration when she sees her name in the stars and the joy of knowing that she has her personal constellation brought by you


Father’s Day Constellation

Everyone wants to see their name in the stars. Receiving a personal star constellation on father’s day from your loved ones is something to be proud of.

Celebrate Father’s Day by looking at the stars and seeing your name lite the sky.

Independence Day Constellation

We love the star spangled flag! What a time to celebrate and see the sky illuminated with fireworks. And then what? That’s right – see your own constellation! Celebrate our freedom with the universe. Show your place in the sky with a personal star constellation fit for any one or any company that prides itself on being American