Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the stars in my constellation real?

Yes! All of the stars are real! We will give you all the true names of the stars in your constellation as can be found in several stars databases.


Is my constellation unique?

Yes! We find the constellation based on the location, date and time that you give us.


How do you do find constellations?

We employ sophisticated algorithms to know how the stars will look at the location, date and time that you give us, we then use artificial intelligence to search for the constellation in the stars.


I live in a city how can I find the stars in my constellation?

By using our mobile app or star map supplied you can find the stars in your constellation even if the skies are illuminated or cloudy, you can still enjoy your constellation


Can I buy several constellations?

Yes. each constellation will be registered by a unique ID in our database and supplied to you individually.


Is my constellation safe?

Definitely! We save all the data on your constellation in our backed up servers so you can retrieve it any time you wish.


Is my constellation registered?

Yes! We register each constellation and supply you with the certificate of purchase and registration.


Can I request my own design?

Yes. If you are a designer and wish to create your own design we can send you the basic constellation and you can create your own design. We would love to see it : )


I can’t find the design I previously ordered

We renew and change designs from time to time. if you don’t find the design you wanted – contact us and we will help you look for it or offer a new design.


Do you have an affiliate program I can be part of?

We do and we love to collaborate. To become an affiliate, please contact us by mail and we will set the program.