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Your Name in The Stars

Ever wanted to see your name in the stars? Wanted to immortalize yourself or a loved one in the heavens? Have you heard of people buying stars as gifts? Well, imagine owning a whole star constellation that was specially made, just for you! Think how it feels to have your very own personal constellation, prepared just for you and displayed at any time and place you want. Imagine looking up at the night sky and seeing your name written in the stars. Put your name up where it belongs, alongside with the gods of the night sky.

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Viewed From Your Location

We make personal star constellations viewed from your desired location! You can pick any time and location you want and we will find your personal constellations there!

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Personal Constellations

We deliver your very own personal constellation. Each constellation is uniquely tailored to your request and is kept safe with us in case you will want to retrieve it. ​​

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Customer Care

We will assist you before and after the purchase. You can contact us anytime 24/7. We will answer your questions about naming constellations and will be glad to help.​


We are the first site that sells constellations!

When you purchase a star constellation through us, we will assist you before and after the purchase. You can contact us anytime on our contact form or by E-Mail. We will answer your questions about purchasing  a personal star constellations and will be glad to provide you with further help.

See what you get with your personal constellation

Your amazing star constellation poster will be in very high resolution so it’ll be the perfect gift.

Your certificate of purchase, showing you registered a personal constellation with my-starname.com

You will receive an individual celestial chart prepared just for you. By using this star chart, you will be able to effortlessly know the stars building your constellation.

A table showing exact details on each of the stars in the constellation 

Your constellation will be registered in our database. After purchasing  you will receive a unique naming number in your certificate, through this number you can retrieve your constellation at any time.

If you buy a constellation and are not satisfied, we will refund you the full purchase price!

We will create your constellations documents the same day. In urgent cases, we can also send you the documents by E-Mail so you can print them yourself.

There is no other gift like ours. A private star constellation is not something everybody has and is definitely something to cherish.

The thrill of looking up to the night sky and seeing your own personal constellations is priceless

How Does It Work

We receive from you the name you want to write in the heavens and the location you will be looking at it and give you your very own personal constellation made just for you. Our team runs very sophisticated AI enforced algorithms that create and find your perfect constellation FREE to see in the beautiful night sky. You will instantly be part of the privileged few who have their very own private constellations.

Price Table



$ 19
  • Get a Constellation
  • Get a Certificate
  • Celestial Chart
  • Download and print


$ 34
  • Get a Constellation
  • Get a Certificate​​
  • Celestial Chart
  • Constellation table
  • Online Registration
  • Download and print


$ 29
  • Get a Constellation​
  • Get a Certificate​
  • Celestial Chart
  • Constellation table
  • Download and print

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Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by this gift.very unique and beautiful! I bought it as anniversary gift.

Ella Perez

"It's really wonderful. I STRONGLY recommend this gift to EVERYONE interested in different and interesting present.

Elsie Ross

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